4 Hour Hike

Hike the Nanaimo River edge and experience the battle of time as water carves out a channel that rock mightily resists. Come see the slot, gorge created by this battle with a waterfall and scenic canyon view

This hike is on multiple terrains where you must pick your line to get through the rippled rock, forest floor and narrow down hills to the gorge bottom. The elevation gain is approximately 25 meter

Cliff bar and bottle of water included

4 persons minimum
110.00$ each person

The Nanaimo River starts at Mount Hooper and flows 78 km to form Vancouver Islands 5th largest river estuary at its mouth at the south end of the Nanaimo harbour. The Nanaimo River Drainage area is approximately 813 square km. The river consists of two forks, the north, and south Nanaimo rivers. There are two natural lakes called first and second lake on the north fork. Three man-made lakes each created by a man-made dam, the south forks dam and Jump lake dam on the south fork and provide water to Nanaimo. The fourth lake dam on the north fork at Saide creek and provides water to the Harmac pulp mill.

Chinook, coho and pink salmon along with rainbow, cutthroat trout, and winter steelhead are fish species that inhabit the waters of the Nanaimo River. Crayfish also inhabit the rivers rocky shores.



Nanaimo River bank carved by high flowing winter water.